Simply Bible – The Word and the Spirit for Today #2

In this session, we are studying John 1:5-14. Here are some questions you can discuss after watching the video.

  1. What are some things you know about John the Baptist?
  2. What do you think people mean when they reference the John the Baptist Generation?
  3. Can you describe what it was like for you to recognize and receive Jesus?
  4. What do you think about the statement that we are not all God’s children?
  5. Why is it so important the Christ became flesh?


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Simply Bible – The Word and the Spirit for Today

Trying something new…Here is the very first Simply Bible production and the scripture for today is John 1:1-5. Why not take out your Bible and see what Jesus has for you from the Word and the Spirit for Today.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Why is it important in the Bible says that the “Word was God?”
  2. What do you see that is important in Colossians 1:15-20
  3. Describe a time when Jesus was really a light in your life.
  4.  Who can you pray for today that has not fully understood Jesus as their life and light?

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The Vital Center

“One of the reasons, I believe, that knowledge is in a state of useless overproduction is that it is strewn all over the place, spoken in a thousand competitive voices. Its insignificant fragments are magnified all out of proportion, while its major and world-historical insights lie around begging for attention. There is no throbbing, vital center.”

Ernest Becker

In a world where knowledge is overproduced…

In a social media saturated society with a thousand competitive voices…

Among a people lost in insignificant fragments…

Here is the throbbing, vital center:


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5 Reasons Why I Love Billy Graham

I originally wrote this post in honor of Billy Graham’s 96th Birthday. As I celebrate this great man’s homecoming, I needed to declare again why I love him.

I’m sure I could come up with 50, but I’ve zeroed in on 5 of the biggest reasons that I love Billy Graham.

#1  Billy Graham’s most often repeated phrase in preaching is:  “The Bible says. . .”

Culture didn’t drive his preaching.  Politics didn’t dictate his delivery.  He wasn’t seeker sensitive, He was Spirit sensitive.  Like John Wesley, you could honestly say that Billy Graham is “a man of one book.”  Although many tried to sway him, Billy took the Bible literally and declared it’s simple, clear message faithfully.  After 60 plus years of preaching, he still defers the power of his ministry to the Word of God.

#2  The primary focus of Billy Graham’s preaching was the cross of Christ

As I listened this week to what might be Billy’s last public message to the world, you could not miss his focus on the cross.  His theme, especially for America at this time, was “My Hope.”  With so much of the preaching in America centered on people’s felt needs, it was refreshing to hear Billy clearly address the most vital need in America:  forgiveness for our sins.  He never strays too far from the centrality of the cross and the power that is available to all those who repent of their sins by faith in Christ’s finished work.

#3  Billy Graham has maintained a life of integrity

Maybe one of the most important nights in Graham’s ministry happened in a hotel room in Modesto, CA in 1948.  Billy and his young team laid out some principles for their ministry and they all agreed to live by them.  They would be above reproach regarding money.  No matter how high the offerings were, they would receive modest salaries.  They would also let local leadership manage all the funds for each crusade.  Billy’s team agreed to stay away from even the appearance of evil with other women.  They would not even get in an elevator alone with a woman!  They would avoid any exaggeration when it came to describing the fruit of their ministry.  And Billy’s team would refuse to criticize other ministries or even respond to criticism.  These principles became known to them as the Modesto Manifesto, and they gave themselves to this for over 50 years!

#4  Even those closest to Billy Graham honor his humility

He is certainly one of the most recognized people on earth.  He has had the ear of presidents and kings.  Hundreds of millions of people have listened to him speak.  Multitudes have changed their lives because of his message.  Yet when anyone speaks of Billy Graham, they mention his humility.  My heart was moved as I listened to this great man describe where he has failed.  He wishes that he had studied more.  He believes that he should have prayed more.  And he regrets being away from his family so much.  What a tender heart.

#5  I love Billy Graham because of the impact he has had on my family

This one is very personal.  In 1961, Billy Graham held a crusade in Philadelphia, PA.  My parents were leaders in their church but not in a relationship with Jesus.  They had much of what the world considered success:  two beautiful daughters, a job that came with respect, and a brand new home that my father and grandfather built.  But they were without hope and without Christ.  They traveled with their church to the arena and climbed the steps to seats near the very top.  They listened to Ethel Waters sing “His Eye Is On The Sparrow,” and watched Cliff Barrows lead a massive choir.  Then they heard Billy preach a simple message from the Bible and call for people to repent of their sins and commit their lives to Jesus Christ.  My parents walked down all of those arena steps and stood at ground level where a trained volunteer helped them invite Jesus into their hearts.  Their lives were changed that night in Philly, and even though I was yet to be born, mine was too.

Within a couple of years, my father answered God’s call to be a pastor.  My parents left that respectable job and their dream home, packed up their daughters and their newborn son, and moved into a duplex in Wilmore, KY.  It was there my father began his training for ministry at Asbury College.  For over 50 years, I’ve had the privilege of watching them be faithful in their service to Christ.  That family of 5 multiplied to over 40 and I am so thankful to be able to say that we all love and serve Jesus.

And it all started that night in Philly under the faithful ministry of Billy Graham.  I love him.

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Epic Week for the Malachi Network – Preparing for a “Radiant Church”

We are at the very beginning of establishing a training arm in the Malachi Network called the “Radiant Church Round Table.” These amazing people came together in Ocean City, NJ for four days this week to help us develop the first pillar on Christology. We will meet three more times this year and focus on Eschatology, Ecclesiology and finally Missiology.

Our premise is that you can’t have healthy, sustainable mission unless you are saturated with right thinking about Christ, clear on his storyline from beginning to the end of this age and full of love for the Church who is prophetically promised to become a “Radiant Bride.”

Tania and I are grateful that Jesus has allowed us to run with such passionate and theologically grounded young people! We hope to launch the Radiant Church Round Table in 2018 for future missionaries, church planters and church leaders who are ready to “Rethink Church for the End of the Age.”

Would you pray for us as we continue to develop this training arm and collaborate with these fine people?

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